Could you work at Buckingham Palace?

Could you be the Queen's personal maid?

99% of the house cleaners out there are just not that great at cleaning. And as a cleaning biz owner, you have to know how to clean and then you have to learn how to teach someone else how to clean. I'm talking 5-star, white glove, highest-standards-in-the-world level of cleaning. Nothing but absolute perfection is what you are going for.

I barely knew how to make a bed when I started out, but I knew I'd better learn quickly how to get an eye for cleanliness just like I had an eye for web and graphic design. This is non-negotiable - you have to be the best. The good news is it can be learned and taught. And once you can do it, you can teach others how to do it. And that's how you scale your little cleaning biz into something sensational.

Need inspiration? Visit the best hotel in your area and ask for a tour of their most expensive suite. Pay attention to every single detail - the plumped up pillows on the bed, the gleaming countertops, the sparkling bathrooms, the aromas, the arrangement of products and welcome packets.

Do you know without a doubt that your standards are the highest in the land? Could you be the personal maid or butler for the Queen? Because if you couldn't confidently apply at Buckingham Palace, then you need to improve your skills and get a whole lot better at cleaning. That's step one and it's not hard, but 99% of people won't do it.

You can do it. You are doing it.

How can you get even better at cleaning TODAY? Let me know.