How to Offer Virtual House Cleaning Estimates and Quotes

I attribute my online quote process as the single factor as to why my cleaning business became so busy overnight, when I launched in April 2008. Within two months, I had given notice at my corporate job - that's how busy we were and I could clearly see the possibilities with my business, and I never dreamed I’d be running a cleaning business making over $1 million a year in sales with a staff of only 8-10 cleaners. 

Since I started working with residential cleaning business owners full-time in 2015, I have spoken to many of you who are still scared of providing online quotes and estimates. I understand your concerns, but I also know how effective and appreciated online estimates are.

Now that we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and everyone has been forced to switch to no-contact ways of doing business, you can seize this opportunity to start conducting online estimates for your customers!

I am giving you the exact step-by-step process on how to offer cleaning quotes online. There isn't one way to do it, so I have given you a variety of options. From automated quotes to scheduling video calls with customers, you can be the most forward-thinking cleaning service in your market.

Learn exactly how to provide online house cleaning service estimates, accurately and effectively, in my new course on reopening your cleaning business, coming May 2020. All the info is coming soon!

Glisten Academy Founder
Marketing Instructor and Cleaning Industry Expert