Finding Employees for Your Cleaning Businesses

Hiring staff is a really difficult part of running any kind of business, so when hiring potential employees, it's very important to create an efficient process for screening the applicants.


The first thing you want to do is have a careers page on your website with an online application form that you can use to you know take a look at those people and then decide out of that who you're going to invite to an interview.


Secondly, conduct group job interviews. This way you're recognizing how often people don't show up for  interviews and minimize how much of your time is wasted. Typically if you invite ten people to a job interview, you might have three show up. You can also see how they interact in a group, as well you can ask your question and people can take turns answering so you can see how they get along with each other sort of that group dynamic as well. This is really important when you're working as a team when you're looking for clients.