• 13+ years of marketing and communications experience as a consultant and instructor
  • Proven track record of success in building a top luxury brands through new product and service launches
  • Expert understanding of how to approach brand positioning/development, run campaigns, track and measure success, and improve strategies based on data
  • Creative and analytical thinker who has a long track record of identifying and executing on successful integrated brand, events, social and/or PR campaigns
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar, with expert ability to write in formal and informal styles, for web and print
  • Experience managing large projects and managing cross-functional teams, working closely with IT, graphic design, front-line employees, CEOs and presidents
  • Visionary who has blazed a trail to bring digital marketing tools and tactics to advance business goals, creating many "firsts"



Communications and Marketing Specialist at NAIT, 2018 - present

Counsel internal stakeholders on marketing and communications best practice, including digital best practice. Analyze, strategize, and implement communications and marketing plans to help achieve short- to long-term goals. Stay abreast of new trends and directions in retail marketing and communications, including digital marketing and e-commerce, loyalty marketing and product marketing to ensure meaningful engagement of target audiences through appropriate channels. Remain up-to-date with trends, announcements and evolving business solutions in Retail and Ancillary Services. Identify and manage key performance metrics for marketing and communications in support of Retail and Ancillary Services. Work collaboratively with clients at all levels to meet NAIT’s vision, promises, strategic objectives and outcomes.

Marketing Specialist at, 
2008 - 2017

Develop strategic communications plans, processes and tactics for clients across many industries using online marketing strategies including content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising and live events. Provide graphic and web design as well as expert writing for web content, blogs, online ads, news releases, speeches, programs and books. Have personally sold over $10 million dollars online through my own services, products, business consulting and teaching.

Instructor, Business & Management at Metro Continuing Education, 2015 - 2018

Teach adult students business e-marketing through Metro Continuing Education on a part-time basis. Created the curriculum, format, slides and promoted the course on social media. It has quickly become a very popular, sold-out course with rave reviews from attendees.


"Katie Pearse, your classes are amazing! We were empowered with all the new tools you gave us. Such an inspiring weekend!" - Jessica Reynolds, Eye Candy Lash Extensions, Marketing Bootcamp student

"Such a great way to spend the weekend, thanks for having us! I can't wait to use all of the new programs to really enhance our brand!" - Shaylene Flanagan, Fenrich Financial, Marketing Bootcamp student

"If you want to learn about marketing, I highly recommend taking Katie's class! The info she provided was so valuable! Great for every entrepreneur! I can't wait for the advanced class in April!" - Lydia Yapp Makeup and Beauty Artistry, Marketing Bootcamp student

"I am busier than I ever was and it is all because of Katie's class. Not just the technical support from her but also because I felt empowered and confident after her class too!!!!" - Donna Bleakney, Donna Bleakney Massage, Marketing Bootcamp student

"You're an awesome teacher, Katie! The class was crazy informative and useful! I really appreciate you teaching all these tips/skills to accelerate our businesses." - Lydia Yapp, Yappy Lips, Advanced Marketing Bootcamp student

"I initially started as a consulting client of Katie's and she helped build my small business into a million dollar business in less than a year. Her marketing skills + advice are like no other's - I've tried numerous other "marketing consultants" that provide generic advice but Katie's approach is creative, efficient and effective. I recommend Katie to everyone!!!!” - Chantel Allen, Social Media Consultant

"In just one week I saw a huge growth in the number of clients inquiring about our services. Katie is so incredibly knowledgable and a true expert in how small businesses should use social media. I highly recommend taking their workshops and following their plan. Absolutely amazing!" - Angela Mendez, Ava Sophia Weddings, Marketing Bootcamp student

"I am in Canada and I have a residential cleaning business. Katie Pearse has been amazing at helping with tips and guidance. All excellent practices.” - Maria N., London House Helpers, Ontario, private consulting client

"Hey Katie Pearse! I see you're adding more and more great info to The Ultimate Staffing Program and I just saw the 5 day training schedule! You rock!!! LIFE SAVER! :) THANK YOU!” - Jolene V., Moms Against Cleaning, Kansas

"So many great ideas to help my SEO. Looking forward to digging in and getting it done fun & informative class! Thanks." Metro Continuing Education SEO Essentials student (anonymous survey)

"Learned a lot about Google, how to attract leads and send them to our website. Google Ad Words, how to boost our rankings on Google. Didn't know about back links & keywords. Learned a lot of great helpful info." Metro Continuing Education SEO Essentials student (anonymous survey)

"Katie is a strong presenter and has great experience to draw from. I like that this wasn't overly techy, but did provide some concrete ideas for SEO. Gets info from everyone in the room & then tailors her examples to them, which is great." Metro Continuing Education SEO Essentials student (anonymous survey)