The Business accelerator

Starts August 16, 2021


Because a cleaning company might be the easiest business to start, but it's the most difficult business to run.

The most anticipated event of the year starts August 16.

10 weeks, 10 topics, and 50 days of one-on-one, personal coaching with Katie Pearse - at your leisure!




Jumpstart your cleaning business with expert education and coaching for 10 weeks without the high price tag! Get the personalized help you need with your cleaning business at an affordable price (one-time payment or weekly payments). Not only do you get three 1-hour small group coaching calls with me, you also get access to me during business hours EVERY day for 10 weeks. I only offer this program live once each year and it’s by far the most popular coaching program I provide to cleaning business owners.


“This first lesson was an eye opener for me; well-presented and very informative. It has boosted my confidence. I will no longer hesitate to charge what my service is worth. I wish I knew it before accepting every single job coming my way and closing my cleaning business out of frustration later on. This first lesson gave me hope to start over with a good and strong foundation. I can't wait to learn more and apply Glisten Academy's success formula. Thank you so much!”
— Allegra N., Québec, Canada

"Katie Pearse, your classes are amazing! We were empowered with all the new tools you gave us. Such an inspiring weekend!" — Jessica Reynolds, Iowa, USA“I do not know what I would do without Glisten Academy. I feel more in control with this program. This is by far the most thoroughly instructed step-by-step course out there.”
— Marcia Davidson, Toronto, Canada

"Katie is by FAR the best mentor to have whilst starting and running your cleaning business. She is a wealth of knowledge and always so easy to connect with! Her content is flawless and has tremendously helped my personal business!”
— Brianna E, New York, USA“

"You have really given so much time to these training programs and have a way of communicating things so simple but effectively. Your confidence with yourself and your methods have finally given me the confidence I was looking for to get my boutique cleaning business established. Thanks again!”
— Rhianna Brinkhuis, Australia“

You're an awesome teacher, Katie! The class was crazy informative and useful! I really appreciate you teaching us all these tips/skills to accelerate our businesses."— Lydia Yapp, Alberta, Canada

Very helpful and informative - Thank you for sharing the advice. Really hit the nail on the head, with the direction I want to go with my own small cleaning business. Really resonated with my vision, goals and direction of the placement of my business within the cleaning community and clients based in Sydney.”
— Kelly Kim, Sydney, Australia

“I loved module 4! This was my favorite thus far. I have been one of those business owners always saying "No" to extras that I could be profiting from! All the sales copy and promotional templates make it easy to shift into doing those jobs and making the most money possible from each property. Pure genius!”— Hillary T., Maine, USA"

"This was one of the best coaching calls I've done. Fast paced, lots of info shared, super relevant. I'll definitely book again when I've done some more work on the business."
- Curt Storring, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

"I highly doubt you would remember me, but I took a couple of your website courses around this time last year. Shortly after taking those classes, I quit my job and launched a home service business. I just wanted to say how much help your courses have been to me. I'm 9 months in to my business, and I'm ranking organically on the first page for a lot of the local search results that I'd like to be. Your pushing of blog posts in particular has really helped drive traffic to the site, and I never would have done that otherwise. I used Squarespace on your recommendation and love it, and get lots of compliments on the clean, easy to navigate site I've created. Anyways, I have no action points for this message. I just really felt compelled to let you know how much I got out of those classes, and how much I appreciate it. You are very good at what you do." - Paul Little, Blue Jay Exterior Renovations, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada