The Classic Clean Course - Premium Edition - Glisten Academy
The Classic Clean Course - Premium Edition - Glisten Academy

The Classic Clean Course - Premium Edition

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive program to train new hires, or you’re ready to start your own cleaning business, The Classic Clean® course will provide step-by-step directions on how to achieve the highest standard of service your clients deserve. This course includes a 200+ page training manual, cheat sheets, checklists, recipes, step-by-step videos and more with lifetime access. The Classic Clean® course is designed to suit all learning styles and professional levels, with audio versions, how-to photos and checklists you can customise and fill in yourself. 


This isn't your average cleaning course

The Classic Clean® course combines Katie Pearce’s 13+ years of knowledge and industry experience into a multi-media training course, so you can learn and train with confidence. The video lessons are designed to get you excited about your career, and feature real-life stories, cleaning demos, and the foundational knowledge the Glisten Academy cleaning process is based on..


The Classic Clean® course covers the fundamentals of basic house cleaning using Katie’s 4D Cleaning Process, proper etiquette for client care, how to quote cleaning jobs, the best tools to use, how to conduct a cleaning appointment from start to finish - and so much more.
The success of a cleaning business relies on your staff's ability to deliver a high level of service. They need to understand how to provide your customers with a detailed cleaning service from start to finish, and this program teaches them exactly how to do this. 

Over 50 lessons broken down by room and task

Step-by-step instructions, photos and more

Training checklists for a perfect cleaning every time

Log all cleanings, both while training and afterwards

"With this course you'll learn how to style and clean clients' home perfectly. Get ready to collect those five star reviews and create the sparkliest cleaning team and happiest clients. I guarantee it."